Our case studies

Hunter - A Short Film

A long time ago, in a city not far away we came up with a 10-second sketch which turned out to be our first short film.

Podcast promo: Netflix vs Blockbuster

Exciting video about the confrontation between Netflix and Blockbuster. Frame-by-frame animation, bright color palette, well-known characters and sharp plot twists will help you immerse yourself in the world of your favorite TV series.

Nekki - Fight.me

A vibrant teaser to the game ‘Fight.me’ by Nekki, stylized as a classic arcade platformer.

Drunk Robots - NFT collection promo

There is no room for love, only death and robots. That’s what the plot is about. Here is the combination of things we love the most: cyberpunk style, powerful VFX and frame-by-frame animation. This is how a brutal and spectacular teaser for a new NFT game should look like.  

Podcast promo: Ferrari vs Lamborghini

3D cars, retro stylistics, stunning special effects and breathtaking atmosphere of races – all this you can find in our new promo for another episode of the "Business Wars" podcast.

NFT World Meta Pride

When the client is ready to experiment we hit the pedal to the metal. That’s exactly what we did in this daring promo for a new NFT brand.

SOLDOUT - series opening

Dramatic intro for the series "Soldout". Search of youself, childhood troubles and adult experiences showed the emotional instability of the protagonist in a gloomy, grunge style.

Smotreshka - Animation Video

What does unite Neo, Gandalf and Joker? The characters are played by the same actor. Spectacular, cinematic video about the online platform Smotryoshka, in which is starring a cute mascot.

Podcast promo: Cola vs Pepsi

Teaser to the episode "Coca-Cola vs Pepsi" of the "Business Wars" series of podcasts.
Warm colors, a sea of liquids and cute characters – all this creates the atmosphere of a video about the confrontation between two famous brands.

Involta - Alone

A dramatic music video for the song by Alex Contsov mixing 3D, frame-by-frame character animation and realistic detailed backgrounds.

Simply Piano – app presentation

Bright video with frame-by-frame animation and charismatic characters about how easy and fast you can learn to play the piano using the SimplyPiano app.

EURO 2020 - Match TV - Promo video

Legendary footballers team up to perform the most epic goal in animation history. An emotional promo video for Euro 2020 fulls of nostalgia and spectacular VFX.

Business podcast – General promo

Promo for a podcast about the confrontations of modern brands. Here you will see many: McDonald's, Starbucks, PlayStation and Netflix. Apps, stores, cars, drinks — all your favorite brands have found a place in this "meat grinder".

ID Finance company presentation

ID Finance is a leader in the online lending market in Russia. But what is the company like from the inside?

Dubai Competitiveness Office

Dubai ranks fourth in the world in terms of state budget. The city has established an office that is responsible for developing a policy on competitiveness.

iTrue — blockchain platform

iTrue is a blockchain platform with a built-in retina and other biometrics recognition system. Combining the advantages of blockchain and database, the system allows you to create reliable and scalable services.

Installation «Professions of the future»

Who you considered yourself to be when you were a child? Learn how popular professions have changed and will change with the advent of new technologies.

What is TouchBank?

Explainer for mobile banking about the benefits of the application. What does it have to do with artificial intelligence and Apollo's bust? We found a connection.

Mckinsey - Case’s championship

That’s a promo-video, an announcement of the new annual case championship. The company wanted to make it special, just tease the audience before rolling out terms of participation. So here is a metaphor of what students’ mission will be should they choose to accept it.

Angiovit – TV advertising

In appearance — a mechanism, but in fact — an organism. Pharmaceutical 3D project that has passed the strict control of the legal department.

Coadjute - explainer video

Coadjute is a blockchain network connecting the UK property market. We created a  friendly isometric video about the blockchain technology to explain this complex technology.

Phonexa - series of explainers

Phonexa is an all-in-one suite for marketing automation, replete with solutions for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, and accounting products. We created a series of minimalistic explainers telling about different parts of the ecosystem.  

Eventtus – app presentation

Abstract video about an app for event organizers that turns a complex process into a children's constructor.

TradingView – explainer

Minimalistic video with frame-by-frame animation about how easy it is to analyze the investment market and find patterns with the TradingView service.

Brusnika technology - Presentation

An innovative construction technology told with innovative visual language. We really brought something new in classic isometry stylistics. Wanna know more? Then pay special attention to animation in this project.

Luigia - Restaraunt promo

The famous Italian pizza-restaurant asked us to make a heart-warming intro for their web-site. We put our love into making this one feel welcoming so you could make yourself at home.

Dogami - NFT collection teaser

Not all NFT games are cruel. This one is about collecting dogs. Cute, isn’t it? The video is a nostalgic trip through time and space, a reminder of how this type of games evolve over a period of time. A very colorful teaser.

Sova Manifesto

What off-road racing, kites and fortune cookies have in common? The company's manifesto in video format. A team of brokers asked us to make a video with unusual, but recognizable images that would resonate with all colleagues inside.

Leroy Merlin - Small Formats

The brochure about the small formats of a well-known construction and repair goods giant. The key idea is a cozy, affordable store next door, so we put cute characters into everyday situations where they need Leroy.  

Food security - information video for TV

In times of pandemic it was important to stay home while food delivery service was making sure you stay well-fed. But how to shoot a video about it if you can’t get out? We did our best to make an animated version of the original idea.

Algorithmics - Learning Management System

Talking about an online educational platform we wanted to show it like an easy and user-friendly service. That’s why we chose minimalistic line stylistics. Together with a friendly female voiceover we immersed the audience in a pleasant learning atmosphere.

MTS Ecosystem

The third episode of our mini-series about MTS products. This time we based the story on the iconic ‘Fifth element’, mixing humor and product features in eccentric sitcom characters.

Visa Case

A dynamic video case about Visa’s successful marketing campaigns mixing typographics, collages and video parts.

Roco - promo video

Roco, an Arabian stationary chain, wanted to make a promo video on the eve of the new school year. Together we created the magical world where pencils and scissors are alive, showing the young school girl how interesting the learning  process can be.

Bookla - Explainer video

An explainer about booking services. We literally showed how it works in interfaces: just two clicks — and you’re done. As a result — laconic business video in a lovely line stylistics.

OAS Blockchain — Explainer video

It’s not that easy to explain blockchain technology without difficult terms and confusing visuals. Yet we tried. This video is a simplified scheme of how the OAS Blockchain system works. We made it really friendly in isometric stylistics.


An explainer simplifying complex Web3 technologies down to a clear concise story in a futuristic isometric stylistics.

Music arabia - Promo video

It’s not just a report video, but rather a celebration of facing different milestones. The company achieved a lot in just 90 days and we helped them tell everyone about by making a video within 10 days.

UBS - Social media illustrations

For the German agency SiR MaRY we did bright illustrations telling about the banking products. It was posted on social networks. So we tried to go beyond the usual ‘how-to’ explanation and showed the characters in their daily routine, using the products.

Elise cars - series of videos

Elise is a brand new luxury carsharing, providing eco-friendly cars in Geneva. We created a series of announcing videos, trying to keep the association with an elite technological service.

Vi-Energy — presentation

VI Energy is an engineering company offering services for the design and installation of buildings and structures engineering systems. We used realistic 3D to show by example how everything works in this sphere.

E-Accident — Instruction

Now we are talking about the details. We needed to walk the audience through the app to show how simple it works. It is a step by step tutorial with real screenshots.

E-Accident — Explainer video

The app is a quick and easy way to complete the accident statement. This video is more like a promo, we don’t go into details, just present the technology. A family gets into a little car accident and the app helps to resolve it.

Lemontit Insurance App — Explainer Video

The characters of our video use the service wherever they go. We wanted to show its ease of use. So we chose laconic line stylistics and even didn’t use voiceover — ‘cause with Lemotit Insurance App everything is clear without words.

IoTex — Explainer video

IoTeX is on a mission to build a connected world where everyday people will own their data, devices, and identity. And we are here to explain how they are going to do it using blockchain solutions.

Astromac - business case

Who said that case video should be strictly business and boring? Together with McDonalds we decided to break this stereotype in a bright comic video. Yet, we presented the campaign’ results, but tried to not make the audience fall asleep.

100AM — Explainer video

100AM is a platform for sharing business cards. With this service you’ll never lose important contacts even if they changed the number.

Sova Capital - Presentation video

What off-road racing, kites and a robot from the planet Shelezyaka have in common? The company's manifesto in video format. A team of brokers asked us to make a video with unusual, but recognizable images that would resonate with all colleagues inside.

Gear Technologies - Explainer video

Blockchain is a trend of recent years. Gear wanted to explain their scheme of using this technology, and we helped them. We took their logo — a gear — as a basis and showed how everything works using the metaphor of the mechanism.

Cardwiz - explainer video

In this ten-minute explainer our friend from Cardwiz breaks down the cashback system and talks about the advantages of using different credit cards. It looks like a lecture because the speaker is facing the camera almost all the time but we added some animated illustrations to help you understand the material.

Group IB - New year cartoon

A New Year cartoon we made for the company employees’ children. They wanted to make a special gift for their loved ones and explain what they are doing while they are at work. So here is a warm and charming short.

BAEX - blockchain platform presentation

Thanks to the Baex platform, ads in mobile applications can be shown only to those for whom it will be one hundred percent relevant. How does it work?

Premier League - MatchTV - Promo

Sixteen teams, sixteen different approaches. From spartan arenas to outer space - witness familiar characters in a new interpretation. Diverse colors and sound design in each promo make every second unique and will help you immers into the proper atmosphere.

Prometheum — Explainer video

The company is developing a platform for issuance and trading of digital assets. They needed a detailed explainer about the system and its advantages. So here it is — 3 minutes of examples when people use Prometheum in comparison with other platforms.

Allianz Suisse

Bright illustrations will tell you 10 stories about a service that turns a complete disaster into a flea bite.

Sova Сapital

Sova capital is an investment company based in London that provides investment banking services to corporate clients.

Freelive - explainer

Today in Korea, many bloggers make money thanks to donations - this is the money that viewers send them as thanks for the cool content. But as a rule, a part of the donation amount is taken by intermediary companies, those platforms on which bloggers post their content.

McDonald's Static and Animated Presentation

McDonald's is one of the world's largest fast food restaurant chains.

VR video for Dr. Reddy’s

"Dr. Reddy’s ” company introduced a new medicine, to study it we went to another planet in virtual reality.

Animated infographics of MySportFilm.ru

If you play sports, for example, run marathons, MySportFilm can make a movie with you in the leading role

Coca-Cola — Innovation for growth

What to do if your business suffers losses? Coca-Cola developed a project to solve this problem, and it looks like a talent show.

Video about the service «Virtual columbarium»

iColumbarium — the service that provides a virtual columbarium. It's cheaper than the usual columbarium, ethical and safe.

Presentation of «Unight Dashboard»

The company Unight figured out how to attract new customers to the owners of bars and restaurants cheaply and effectively. All you need is...